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  Present: Specializing in the distribution of quality electrical products, primarily to the marine industry.  We also serve the aircraft, automotive, recreational vehicle, motor coach, commercial and industrial equipment industries.  We also supply products to fire, emergency, specialty and communication vehicles.  Home land security equipment, airport facility remote command centers and related equipment have been recently added to our customer base.  

Origin: Originally established in Annapolis, Maryland July 1973 as a mobile service company.  We provided sales, service & installation of electrical, electronic and air-conditioning equipment.  Our primary territory included the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding areas.


Change: Realizing a greater opportunity for growth, we quickly seized the opportunity in November 1983, to become one of the first distributors to exclusively inventory marine electrical parts!


Big Move: As our Customer base grew from Regional to National & International we relocated to Florence, South Carolina in June 1995.  This positioned us to operate from a more centralized location, decreasing shipping times overall and reducing overhead costs. We now can be more competitive in all markets thus expanding our Customer base and continuing our growth!


Coastal Move: Approaching our twenty fifth year in business, we relocated our operations to Murrells Inlet, South Carolina in October 2007.  Being close (7 Miles) to the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (MM#383) and the Atlantic Ocean (8 Miles) will allow us to conduct research and development projects with both saltwater & freshwater environments! This area will also allow greater accessibility to a large & diverse group of vessels for testing equipment. The Rv & Motor Coach customer bases are very popular in this area & continue to long for more electrical gadgets which we look forward to supplying!


New Owner & Location: As of December 1, 2010 Bryan Carter is the new owner and manager of Custom Marine Services, relocating the office and warehouse to the  Richmond, Va. area.  Bryan has 15 years experience in the commercial, industrial and residential electrical fields.  For the last 5 plus years he has been training under the watchful eye of Dan, grooming him for the new ownership.  Best of luck Bryan.


Retirement Ends: After 5-1/2 years of retirement Dan again takes the helm (May 1, 2016) of Custom Marine Services,  as sole proprietor and Tech Sales Manager, returnning the headquarters and warehouses back to South Carolina.  


Mission: To provide quality products, fast reliable service, technical support and product knowledge (acquired from many years of field experience, formal education & technical training) that is unrivaled in the marine industry!


Thank You: To everyone contributing over the years making our business successful and to all those who continue to support us as we expand and grow!

A Dedicated Thanks To: Everett & Rebecca Thibault, Janice E Carter,  Raymond E & Juanita Travers.

A Special Thanks To: Tom Robinson, B Dixon Evander, John Arban, Demi & Scott, Jim & Sherry Lingg, Michael A Webber, Dean & Robbie Stevenson.


Dan Thibault ~ Tech Sales Manager/Owner




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