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Marine Circuit Breakers - Carling Technologies - Carling Switch  

Section#1... Carling Technologies Circuit Breakers - Series AA1, AA2, AA3, AB2, AB3

The A-Series hydraulic/magnetic circuit breakers are compact and temperature stable designed for precision operation in OEM markets requiring general purpose as well as full load amp applications. These circuit breakers are available with handle actuators for 1- 6 poles. When front panel operation and aesthetics demand a clean, contemporary design, two color Visi-Rocker which can indicate either the ON mode or the TRIPPED/OFF mode, and solid color rocker actuators are available. Rocker actuators are available in 1-3 pole construction. The new Rocker guard� bezel and push-to-reset bezel help prevent inadvertent actuation. A-Series circuit breakers are offered from in 0.02 to 50 amps, up to 277VAC or 80VDC. They are available with a choice of time delays, terminals, actuator styles, with a wide range of standard colors, & imprinting.


Section#2... Carling Technologies & Carling Switch - Circuit Breakers - Toggle Actuators 

Carling Series - AA1, AA2, AA3 & AA4 - 1 Handle Per Pole 

A... AA1 - 1 Pole 1 Actuator

B... AA2 - 2 Poles 2 Actuators C... AA3 - 3 Poles 3 Actuator D... AA3 - 3 Poles 3 Actuator

Product Image

prod24_upgh3_ov.jpg (11221 bytes)

Three Pole Breaker

Carling Series - AB2, AB3 & AB4 - 1 Handle Per Unit

E... AB2- 2 Poles 1 Actuators

F... AB2 with aux coil G... AB3... 3 Poles 1 Actuator H... AB3... Rear

prod_24_ab2w_aux.jpg (57979 bytes)

prod_24_ab3_aux_07.jpg (67842 bytes) prod_ab3w_auxr.jpg (63665 bytes)

I... Dimensional Graphic With Mounting & Layout  

J... AB3... 3 Poles 1 Actuators

AA1_dim_00.jpg (68079 bytes)

Three Pole Breaker AB3-X0-00-349-3D1-C



Section#3... Carling Technologies & Carling Switch - Circuit Breakers  - Rockers Actuators

A... Carling... AC1, AC2 & AC3 - Vertical Mtg

B... Carling... AF1, AF2 & AF3 - Vertical Mtg  

A1... Carling... AD1, AD2 & AD3 - Horz Mtg

B1... Carling... AG1, AG2 & AG3 - Horz Mtg

Indicate "On" (Red Or White)  Indicate "Off"

 AD Series Not Shown... Same As AC Series With Horiz Mtg 

AF Series Not Shown...

Horizionally Mounted Version of AC Series!!!

Same as AC & AD series but indicates "OFF"!

 C... Top Left= AC1, Bottom Left= AD1, Right Side= AD1 

D... Mounting  & Layout  Vertical Mtg Shown  -  Rotate 90� For Horz. 

 prod_24_ac1_000.jpg (69427 bytes)


 AC3 & AD3 ( 3 Pole) No Longer Available... We Can Substitute Please Call......  


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