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Circuit Breakers - Carling Technologies & Carling Switch   

Section#1... Carling Technologies & Carling Switch - CA1, CA2, CA3, CB2, CB3  


The C-Series hydraulic/magnetic circuit are designed for those applications requiring higher amperage and voltage handling capability in a smaller package. Available with American Standard or Metric Threaded Stud terminals, or Saddle Clamp screw terminals. These circuit breakers are also available with new solid color rocker actuators and unique two-color Visi-rocker´┐Ż actuators. Visi-rocker can be specified to indicate either the ON or TRIPPED/OFF mode. The exclusive Rocker guard and Push-To-Reset bezel help prevent inadvertent actuation. The C-Series UL489 circuit breakers employ a unique arc chute design which results in obtaining higher interrupting capacities, up to 10,000 amps.  Wiping contacts, mechanical linkage with two step actuation, cleans contacts providing high, positive contact pressure and longer contact life. C-Series circuit breakers are offered in 1-6 poles, 0.02-100amps, up to 480VAC or 80VDC, UL489 up to 240VAC or 125VDC, with choice of time delays, terminal options, actuator styles and colors.


Section#2... Carling Technologies & Carling Switch - Circuit Breakers - Toggles

CA1, CA2, CA3 & CA4 - 1 Handle Per Pole 

CB2 & CB3 - 1 Handle Per Unit

CB4 - 2 Handles Per Unit

A... 2 Poles 3 Views B... 1, 2, 3 & 4 Poles Layouts C... 3 Poles 3 Views


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